This page includes historical artifacts handed down by family members to the blog’s author. Most are from a green trunk that contained John F. Carroll’s papers and other items gathered by his wife sometime after his death.

Public Market

Rules and regulations for Carroll Public Market, 1914

Rose Festival

Portland Post Card Company commemorative photo collection, 1907
Contents include thirty images as well as a page of introductory text.

Portland Ad Club Luncheon Program, 1912

Invitation for cruise to welcome Rex Oregonus, 1912

Letter of appreciation from Rose Festival committee, 1914

Rose Festival stamps, 1915

Newspaper Work

Partial ownership in Cheyenne Leader by transfer of shares, August 8, 1892.

Letter, from Booker T. Washington, October 16, 1914


Letter from U. S. Senator Henry M. Teller, August 17, 1893

Letter from U. S. Senator Francis E. Warren, April 22, 1897

Invitation to reception at Lewis & Clark exposition, 1905

Letter from Vice-President Charles W. Fairbanks, July 17, 1907
Letter from Vice-President Fairbanks, July 23,1907


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